DIB Monthly “Office Hours” Presentation and Discussions

May 2024: Navigating FOCI with Microsoft 365 Solutions

April 2024: Navigating VMware Pricing Increases: Azure Solutions for Cost Optimization

March 2024: Harnessing AI: A Strategic Approach for Organizations

January 2024: CMMC Proposed Rule Update: What You Need to Know

December 2023: Leveraging AI in the Power Platform

November 2023: Application Modernization in the Age of AI

September 2023: Strategies for Successful Endpoint Protection in a Compliant Environment

August 2023: Operationalizing Zero Trust in a Compliant Environment

July 2023: Leveraging Azure Secure Enclaves for Controlled Data Environments

June 2023: GCCH and Azure Government Roadmap

May 2023: SPRS Finalized in DFARS

April 2023: Power BI in the Cloud and On Premises

March 2023: Manage RFP and Sale Processes in GCC High

February 2023: Governing your Most Valuable Asset – Data 

January 2023: Expediting Compliance & Security in Your Hybrid Data Center

December 2022: The GCC High Modern Intranet

November 2022: West Points Journey toward NIST 800-53 Compliance

October 2022: Windows 365 Is here! What is it and, is it right for your organization?

September 2022: SOC it to me! – How Microsoft Sentinel w/ an Existing SIEM Can Play Nice w/ Each Other

August 2022: Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt DIB August 2022: Zero Trust in a Compliant Environment

July 2022: Managing Risk Beyond Our Borders

June 2022: Improve Security and Compliance w/ your Subs and Primes 

May 2022: Boosting Your Security & Compliance Posture with Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

April 2022: GCC High and Azure Gov- Spring Updates 

March 2022: Advanced eDiscovery IT and Legal Must Work Together

February 2022 Backup Management 365? The Operational, Legal, and End-User Considerations 

January 2022 Insider Risk Management

December 2021 Cross-Cloud Collaboration

November 2021 CMMC 2.0 and PowerApps CRM

October 2021 How to Address your On Prem IT

September 2021 The Importance of Azure DevSecOps

August 2021 Azure Top 5 Hits

July 2021 YAOI DIB: Zero Trust

June 2021 Secure Landing Zone

May 2021 WVD and Azure Sentinel

April 2021 Choosing the right license for your Organization

March 2021 Working together Collaboration in GGC High

February 2021 Leveraging Microsoft’s New Native Compliance Tools