Monthly “Office Hours” Presentation and Discussions

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Office Hours – March 2024 – Getting Started with Copilot Studio: Unleashing the Power of Conversational AI

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Office Hours – February 2024 – Securing Copilot Deployment with Purview & SharePoint Premium

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Office Hours – January 2024 – Demystifying Microsoft Copilot

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Office Hours – December 2023 – Microsoft Ignite 2023 Recap

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Office Hours – November 2023 – Unlocking Efficiency and Agility w/ Azure VMware Solution AVS

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours – October 2023 – Getting Ahead with AI: Revolutionizing Organizations

Federal Series: Planning an Intelligent Intranet

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours – September 2023 – Solving Modern Desktop Dilemmas with Microsoft 365 

Federal Series: Cloud PCs for Government using Windows 365

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours – August 2023 – Create and Publish Dynamic Webpages w/o Coding Using Power Pages

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours – July 2023 – Navigating M365 E5/G5: Where to Begin Your Journey to Enhanced Security and Compliance

Federal Series: Preparing for Viva: Modernizing SharePoint

Not For Profit Series: Power Platform for Non-Profits Leveraging Low Code Platform for Strategic Initiatives

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours- June 2023- Exploring Microsoft Build 2023: Game-Changing Updates Unveiled

Not For Profit Series: Disaster Recovery and Backup

Federal Series: Power Up Your Device Management with Intune

Unlocking Innovation: Mastering Microsoft 365 Apps and Services for Business Solutions

Federal Series: Maximizing ROI with Microsoft Defender Streamlining & Strengthening Security

Not For Profit Series: Cyber Security Best Practices

Education Series: Enabling and Operationalizing Secure Research Enclaves

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours April 2023 Cloud Governance: Microsoft’s 5 Essential Disciplines for Effective Management

Federal Series: Simplifying Identity Management with Microsoft Azure Active Directory

Education Series: Power Platform for Education — Leveraging Low Code Platform for Strategic Initiatives

Education Series: Cyber Security Best Practices

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours- February 2023- Navigate Cloud Governance with Microsoft’s Five 

Education Series: Disaster Recovery and Backup 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours- January 2023 – Cyber Insurance and Risk 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours- December 2022 – Microsoft Ignite Round Up Pt. 2 – Azure, Data and Security 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours – November 2022: Microsoft Ignite Recap – Pt. 1- O365, Power Platform & Dynamics 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours – October 2022: The Case for Moving File Shares to the Cloud – YouTube

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours September 2022 – Microsoft Sentinel: Take Control of Your Security in the Cloud 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Office Hours – August 2022 Entra One Identity to Rule Them

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours June ’22 -Microsoft Build 2022 5 Things You Need to Know

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours May ’22 – Securing Your Cloud Environment  

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Apr ’22 Cloud Office Hours: Microsoft Viva – How to & What’s in it for You

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt March 2022 Cloud Office Hours: Modernizing Data Analytics in the Cloud

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt 2/22 Cloud Office Hours: Advanced Compliance- How To Mitigate Risk in O365 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt January 2022 Cloud Office Hours: Why Power Platform Governance is Mission Critical

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours December 2021: Ignite Recap Pt. 2 

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt Cloud Office Hours December 2021: Ignite Recap Pt. 1

Planet’s October 2021 Cloud Office Hours: Securing your endpoints with the Microsoft Cloud 

Planet’s September 2021 Cloud Office Hours: Supporting Your IT Mission: Managing your Hybrid Data Center with Azure Services 

Planet’s August 2021 Cloud Office Hours: Avoiding surprises in Microsoft licensing 

Planet’s July 2021 Cloud Office Hours: Operationalizing Zero Trust in Your Environment 

Planet’s June 2021 Cloud Office Hours: Robotic Process Automation RPA 

Planet’s May 2021 Cloud Office Hours: Enable Unified Data Governance Across All Your Data Sources with Azure Purview 

Planet’s April 2021 Cloud Office Hours- Customer Takeover- Why OCM is critical to Your Project’s Success 

Planet’s March 2021 Cloud Office Hours- Ignite 2021 Recap

Planet’s February 2021 Cloud Office Hours- Intelligent Intranet

Planet’s January 2021 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Security Solutions vs. Solorigate

Planet’s December 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Office Hours 2020 in Review

Planet’s November 2020 Cloud Office Hours—What’s Next for Teams- Teams as a Platform

Planet’s October 2020 Cloud Office Hours Part One—Modern Workplace 

Planet’s September 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Understanding Your Data Estate 

Planet’s August 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Bots & Bodies: A Modern Workplace Security Story  

Planet’s July 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Azure Security Roundup

Plant’s June 2020 Bonus Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Build 2020 Update

Planet’s June 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Working Together Post COVID

Planet’s April 2020 Cloud Office Hours—USMA: A Customer Success Story

Planet’s March 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Key Strategies for Remote Work

Planet’s February 2020 Cloud Office Hours—How Organizational Change Management can help your organization adopt O365

Planet’s January 2020 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Security Roundup

Planet’s December 2019 Cloud Office Hours—SharePoint Hidden Gems 

Planet’s November 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Updates from Microsoft IGNITE 2019

Planet’s October 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Power Platform

Planet’s September 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft 365 Security  

Planet’s August 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Teams- What you Need to Know to Make the Leap 

Planet’s July 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Azure Sentinel- Microsoft’s next big Cloud offering 

Planet’s June 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Protecting Your Azure Environment from Threats 

Planet’s May 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Windows Virtual Desktop in Azure 

Planet’s April 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Securing Your Environment with Microsoft Identity and Access Management 

Planet’s March 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Community Call—Power BI 

Planet’s February 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Moving Databases to the Cloud 

Planet’s January 2019 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft’s New Threat Protection and Compliance Bundles 

Planet’s December 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Compliance Manager 

Planet’s November 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Understanding All Things ATP 

Planet’s October 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Graph Connect 

Planet’s September 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Ignite Conference Update 

Planet’s August 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft M365 

Planet’s July 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Azure Security Center Overview 

Planet’s June 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Fleet Management and IoT 

Planet’s May 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Introducing the Azure Bot Framework 

Planet’s April 2018 Cloud Office Hours—OneDrive, and Groups, and Teams, OH MY! 

Planet’s March 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Enterprise Cloud Roadmap 

Planet’s February 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Why Windows 10 

Planet’s January 2018 Cloud Office Hours—Azure Migrate 

Planet’s December 2017 Cloud Office Hours—Advanced Security 

Planet’s November 2017 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Secure Score 

Planet’s October 2017 Cloud Office Hours—Azure Information Protection 

Planet’s September 2017 Cloud Office Hours—Power BI 

Planet’s August 2017 Cloud Office Hours—OMS Log Analytics 

Planet’s July 2017 Cloud Office Hours—Microsoft Forms, Flow and Power Apps 

Planet’s June 2017 Cloud Office Hours—Azure Site Recovery overview 

Planet’s May 2017 Cloud Office Hours—To SPE or Not to SPE: Is “Secure Protected Enterprise” for you?