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Learn about solving technology challenges

Like many clients we communicate with, they often find themselves trapped with a feeling they need to spend more money to solve technology challenges and with little idea what they already own. With so many new choices in the market, it is only getting harder not easier.

Find a direction you can be confident in

There is proven guidance available that will lead you in a direction that you can be confident in before you spend another penny.

Align your organizational goals

Planet Technologies offers a free service for US Public Sector customers that helps align your organizational goals with what you own from Microsoft Corporation. It’s as simple as that. We do not sell licenses, our goal is that you use what you have already paid for. As an award winning expert in supporting these technologies regularly, we are the trustworthy source.

But don’t take it from us...

Take it from our customers!

“They helped make things easy and understandable for me where others could not.”

“Not only did Planet clear up a lot of confusion, they also helped me plan and deploy using funds I already paid for and did not know I had!”

“Planet was interested in my success not trying to push me on buying more.”

“I was not aware we owned some of the solutions we did. Very helpful.”

“Planet helped me get the most from my enterprise agreement!”

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